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Willow DBS server:

Willow DBS is a web based image server software that integrates multiple data and imaging sources and distributes this information using standard web page format.

Users with a web browser, either Mac or PC and the proper access codes can view all patient clinical images, data, and reports. Users do not pay for or load review station software on their computers.

Multiple simultaneous users can use Willow DBS for inputting or reviewing data and images.

Each user is assigned privileges according to their responsibilities.

Willow DBS limits their access and tracks usage.

Remote installation, software updates and maintenance over secure network connections.

Interfaces for most popular fundus cameras.

Create CD's with review software built-in. Excellent to present to patients for records transfer. Multiple patients tests can be written to a single disk to allow physicians to read their FA's remotely.

Optional High speed page scanning software to integrate reports and chart pages using auto-feed high-speed scanners.

Operates on Windows 2ooo Server in your office.


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